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Dear Patients!

Are you or is your child planning to have outpatient surgery at our center? Please call 0331/280660 or email us at to arrange a date to meet the anesthesiologist before the surgery.

When you come for this pre-surgery meeting, please bring the referral slip (Überweisungsschein), your electronic health card and the anesthesia questionnaire, which you should complete in full with the help of a translator.

If you speak English, there is no need for a separate translator for the meeting with the anesthesiologist or on the day of surgery.

You must obey the following very important rules on the day of surgery:

You/your child can have a light meal until 6 hours before the surgery. After that point, you are not allowed to have anything to eat or drink (milk, juice or similar), and you should not chew gum or suck candy.

Babies can drink breast milk until 4 hours before surgery.

You are allowed to drink 1 to 2 glasses of a clear liquid containing no fats or solids (water, fruit teas) until 2 hours before anesthesia.

If you are taking any medicines, please take them as agreed with your anesthesiologist at the pre-surgery meeting. You can swallow sips of water to help you take your tablets.

If you are given an anesthetic skin patch to make intravenous anesthesia induction easier for your child, please apply this patch to the area of skin discussed with the anesthesiologist one hour before the surgery starts.

Before anesthesia, remove any jewelry, piercings, dentures, braces, contact lenses and glasses. Our nursing staff will be happy to assist you.

It makes our work easier if you do not use any make-up or face creams on the day of surgery.